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Welcome To Nature's Classroom
Jean Piaget, among others, believed that nature was our ultimate classroom. This website is designed to introduce you to all nature has to offer, especially in a homeschooling situation.

Check out the Calendar link for upcoming classes and excursions, as well as the details link to find out more about what is going on. Please email if you have any ideas, and be sure to sign the guest book!

Please check out the corkboard at the bottom of this page! and complete the survey on the What's New Page to indicate your interests.

Updates for our Site
Everything is new on this site because it just started, but keep coming back for new developments!
This is the dawning of the Nature's Homeschool Group!
Please bear with me as I add new information, research different places to have excursions and figure out how to make this a great site.

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what can we learn from the clouds or the sunset?
Weather changes, the orbit of the Earth, the seasons, what our imaginations can find in the clouds!
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