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Anyone and everyone who homeschools/unschools is welcome to attend any of these functions. Attendance

at every activity is not required, just come when you can and have some fun. If you plan on coming, though, please email me for directions and so I can get a head count!! At this point I do not have a “meeting place”, but am willing to share my home for some activities.



Art Class




First and third Monday of every month from 12 am - 2 pm.


We will have various art supplies: paints, markers, pencils, pastels, and different techniques to choose from.



This is an “art class” because we can learn different artistic methods from each other.


For more information, or to find out where we will be meeting please email me



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Craft Class 




Second and fourth Monday of every month from 12 am to 2 pm.


We will have a planned craft for every craft class. The majority of supplies will be provided for you. If anything additional is needed it will be posted with the craft.


September 14th craft:        Name sculptures using clay. To be painted after it has hardened, either in the oven or overnight



September 28th craft:        Wooden picture frames


If you are interested in coming to the craft please email me for directions.


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Model Rocket Day 





Every third Saturday of the month, the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum in Pueblo sponsors a Model Rocket Day. You will build a rocket and fire it off!!! This would be excellent for any budding astronauts or pilots out there!!


WHERE: at the Pueblo Chemical Depot located approximately 12 miles east of

Pueblo on Colorado Highway 96/US Highway 50 East.


Contact Jason Unwin at (719) 948-9219 for more information or to reserve a rocket and motors.

Or email the museum for more information.



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We will be planning a museum trip once a month to a specific museum. At this time, no museums have been scheduled.


Different museums that might be of interest to those of you out there! Please email me if you would like to attend a field trip to one of these museums.


Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum—Free admission open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5. They offer educational time-line kits for a one week use.



Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum—normally under 12 free and $4 for over 12. But if we have a homeschool group attending they only ask for donations of $1-$2 per person.


Rock Ledge Ranch Historical Site—Adults $5,  open Wednesday-Sunday 10-5 until Labor Day, then September 1-30 Saturday 10-4





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Nature Center





Every Tuesday of every month we will have nature center outings, weather permitting, from 1 pm until ???! Each week we will have a different topic, and possibly a guide to show us around.


September 11, 2001 we will meet at Fountain Creek Nature Center to learn about fungus. We will be studying molds, mildews, mosses, ferns, mushrooms, and anything we might find in our refrigerators!

September 18, 2001 we will meet at Bear Creek Nature Center to learn about flowering plants and conifers. We will collect pine cones to study as well as acorns and any other flowering plants that are still around!




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Open Cockpit Day




The Last Saturday or every month is Open Cockpit Day. Children are allowed in the cockpit of Trojan Trainer!!




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Play Group






Every from Thursday 12-2.


This will be a chance for children to release energy  and have socialization with other children, and for parents to have adult conversation. There are no dues required. We will just meet and have some fun.


The last Thursday of each month will be “lunch potluck” starting at 12 am and ending at 2 pm


If you are interested in attending the play group/support group please email me for directions.




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Once per month an outing to the zoo will be planned.


September 26th we will meet at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to have some fun and learn about different animals. Time: 10 am until ??? bring a sack lunch and we can enjoy a picnic with the animals!


If you are interested in this field trip, but don’t have a pass, email me, I have 2 guest passes to give away.



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Other educational resources





Beidleman Environmental Center


Starsmore Discovery Center



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