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Nature's Homeschool
Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, Henry Wadswroth Longfellow, Jean Piaget, and many others believed that nature was the ultimate teacher, the ultimate classroom.

Remember being a curious child, wanting to know why bees liked flowers, why ants made ant hills and studying ant farms, watching the leaves change color and wondering why, and then seeing the new buds on the tree branches in the spring?

Curiosity is an innate ability that helps us to learn. Our children have a natural curiosity about what goes on in the world around them. Allowing them to explore this natural curiosity will enable them to appreciate the world around them, deducing information from what they see and interact with, and allowing them to grow into respectful human beings.

Why Nature's Homeschool?
Nature's Homeschool Support Group was a name that just came to me. However, it will have to be changed eventually, once things get going, because there is actually an organization that offers similar things...visit them at www.naturesclassroom.org

Interesting Reading
I believe that any psychology or philosophy books would be of interest to anyone who wants to see how nature impacts our learning.

In addition, I think that children would benefit from reading, or being read, any Thoreau, Longfellow, Whitman...I keep repeating myself...but more information will be put on this site shortly.

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